OpenQuest 2 Spell Backfire table for those Sorcerrrorrrs…

I like tampering with magic to be dangerous. If you fail your rolls, chances are that bad things will happen. Here’s a table for mainly Sorcery casters, but of course it can be used for Battle magic as well. Divine casters never have these problems.

If you want to crank it up to eleven, you might consider adding the amount by which the caster failed the Persistence roll to the d20 result roll. Then 5% from the d100 would be worth +1 to the d20 roll.
So if Khalul the Sorceror needs to roll 60% or under on his Persistence and rolls 45% that’s a “miss” by 15%, which means that +3 is added to the d20 roll.
Finally, this table was inspired by an old table from the Swedish d100 clone/variant “Drakar & Demoner”. It will also be part of a OQ2 GM Resource Pack I’m working on right now.

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