New magic-user spell – "Headcrush"

When we were playing Pathfinder yesterday, the party got split up, and while the GM was attending to the other half of the gang I got to thinking this new cool spell – Headcrush.

If you’ve seen “The kids in the hall” you know what I’m talking about. If not, see the instructional video below for inspiration 🙂

Two magic-users battle it out using Headcrush (the real duel is about 1:40 into the clip)

Yeah, a little dorky, but what did you expect from the Nerdomancer?

Here’s the spell in B&T format:

Level: Magic-User 2
Range: Close (30 ft.)
Duration: 1 combat round
Magic school: Evocation [EV]

This spell produces an invisible giant pincher that the caster can use to crush heads. The caster holds his hand at eye level with the thumb and index finger extended. This forms the “pincher”. 

To attack, the caster moves the hand to place the victim’s head in this imaginary pincher. Then it’s just to squeeze. He must also have a clear view of the enemy’s head and be able to align the hand in that line of sight. The caster rolls to hit, and the victim gets a Will* save (no damage is successful).

Damage is 1d6 and for each 3 levels of experience the Magic-user gets 1 additional pinch attack, so a 5th level M-U would have 2 attacks. These can be used at different targets if they’re reasonably adjacent (basically in the front of the caster).

*Five save systems: Save vs spells


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