OpenQuest 2 ordered!

OpenQuest 2 ordered from DriveThru! I’ve only skimmed through the PDF of the book, but it seems really nice. At last a simplish d100 fantasy game. I also like that OpenQuest 2 somehow adheres to the rules esthetics of old RQ2, and skimming through the book actually evokes the same feeling as RQ2.

It was a tough game between OpenQuest 2 and Chaosium’s Magic World, but hardcover, color and appreciation of Newt’s other works finally made the difference. I also like to support the small at-home RPG producers.

This will be my d100/BRP base engine for fantasy games, maybe ever in a heavily house modded version of Glorantha! I’ve already done a bunch of work for a home brew 2nd age Ralios, using the old Thieves World Sanctuary as the crummy gangster-town Fiesive as the campaign starting point. I originally intended to use Mongoose RQ2, but when they folded MRQ 2 I just dropped the whole RuneQuest and Glorantha thingy, thinking never to return there again.

OpenQuest 2 has however opened the possibilities again, and for that I’m thankful 🙂


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