Lovecraft Country continued…

A while ago I ran “The Haunting” as an intro-adventure for another player and our respective wives, and it turned out to be a success.

Now we’re up for new adventures, and I’m thinking of running a kind of sandbox style Lovecraft Country game for them.
There’s a few lead-ons from the haunting, but non that I want to run now, so I’ve been looking for a short, open-ended and not too complicated adventure for them.
By accident I stumbled upon Xethyal’s eminent little seaside adventure “Allenport” on the Yog-Sothoth forums, and it felt exactly right for my group.
The Private Eye (my wife’s character) will soon get a phone call from a man in need of dire help, and hopefully they’ll take the bait 😉
There will be witches, deep ones and naturally some evil cult up to no good!

One thought on “Lovecraft Country continued…

  1. By the way, there are some great Kingsport adventures in New Tales of the Miskatonic Valley and More Adventures in Arkham Country that could easily be interconnected. If you got a copy of the Kingsport source book as well, you could spin a player-driven campaign in that classic seaside town.


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