The Wolfslayer!

From yesterday’s game…

Yesterday we played Pathfinder with the halfling crew, and my 1st level halfling ranger Harkel Buttflayer got the new epithet “Wolfslayer”!

Look at the dice – maxed out d20 and maxed out d8!

First round: Harkel stood post in the doorway as the big bad wolf leapt against him. Unfortunately, the wolf tripped the bear trap we had placed in the doorway, so his hind leg got chomped. Next, the halfling deals a blow with his battle axe. I roll a pure 20 and get to draw a crit card – double damage and front leg chopped off! The wolf limps away, badly damaged…

Second round: Harkel stands his ground against now mighty pissed wolf #2. The halfling wins the initiative, swings the axe and rolls….another pure d20!! Card says enemy is eviscerated and double damage. I then roll an 8 on the d8 so it’s 8+1 x 2= 18 damage. Wolf drops to the floor in a puddle of goo.

Game over, dawgs!


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