Swords & Wizardry premiere


This weekend has gone in the sign of old school fantasy role-playing!

After lots of cancelled weekends, I finally managed to free up time to play some Swords & Wizardry with my son and his cousin, aged 11 and 14. Both are new to PnP RPGs, though I’ve played an intro adventure with my son using the Swedish version of BECMI before. The cousin have never played, but is a Skyrim fan, so he’s got general idea.

We started saturday morning with chargen (they made an elf cleric and an elf fighter) and we set off for some adventuring! The game lasted all saturday, and then we continued a few hours on sunday morning too.

I had prepared three small home-brew dungeons, but we only finished the first one. Then, they went after a red herring, and I had to prepare a 4th adventure location from thin air. Very fun, and we ended the second session with a cliffhanger. They were both very happy and they want to play again soon, so in conclusion it was a success!

Happy Swords & Wizardry-kids!

We used S&W Core, and it was S&W premiere for me too! Very easy to get into, and easy to improvise with. In fact, I was so happy with it so I bought S&W Complete and some new monster books too (Tome of Horrors Complete – I’m looking at you).


4 thoughts on “Swords & Wizardry premiere

  1. Awesome!! Bringing those boys up right eh? Both my daughters play on occasion as well. S&W is our game of choice too. I'm looking forward to hearing more adventures. Game on!


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