Caverns of Thracia

When I set out to revive our RPG:ing after a 17-year hiatus (or 22 if you count D&D) I first settled for Mongoose RuneQuest II. Ambitiously, I started with designing my world – a little described corner of Glorantha in the 2nd Age. I wrote some adventure outlines, drew some maps and so on.

It was however impossible to fast talk my old gaming gang to participate. No one wanted to play anymore.

About this time I discovered that old D&D gaming was all but dead. Sites like Dragonsfoot and various OSR blogs demonstrated that old D&D indeed was alive and kicking.

It was there and then I decided to tone down the ambitious RQ campaign I was designing (and that never got ready for play). I got hold of a copy of Rules Cyclopedia and set out to find an actual old school adventure to run, and I soon decided on Judges Guild’s “Caverns of Thracia” by Paul Jaquays (whose work with Chaosium’s RQII I was familiar with).

A bona fide old school megadungeon would be the starting point for our own Role-Playing Revival!

I placed it in The Known World (or Mystara as it would be known as later), as this was the world I DM:ed in back in the day.

And we were set to go! Eventually, it became 16 action-filled sessions Below the Surface!

Here’s the Adventure log. Enjoy!

Unfortunately, for all non-scandinavians, in Swedish…


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