Horror on the Orient Express concluded after almost 20 years!

Yep, you heard me right.

Let me explain. Back in 1993 or so, me and my two biggetst CoC-fan-players had finished the “Spawn of Azathoth”-campaign, and I was looking for a new world-spanning campaign. A friend from another RPG group heartily recommended “Masks of Nyarlahotep” and after some research I decided to run that campaign, as CoC-meets-pulp-Indiana-Jones was exactly what these lads liked.

But sadly, MoN was out of print, and at the time there were no such thing as ebay, so I had to drop that project. As it were, my FLGS had a copy of HotOE on the shelf and I bought that instead. We started out with 2 players, but then more people wanted to join, so in total 8 or 9 people have been in the campaign, but some only for one chapter or two.

Anyway, play began early in 1994 and we played through Book I and II. Then, life happened. I moved to another city due to work, and people started to move away due to work, girlfriends, kids etc.

The books ended up in a box in the attic and RPGing went to be a thing of younger years…

So, 2008, after my divorce, I happened to look through my game boxes and Pandoras box was opened! To reboot RPGing went from nostalgic reading to actively buying new RPG stuff to plans of reviving our old group. Most of the guys were back in town, and with careers and families well established, there might be more time for playing.

After a year of lobbying we finally started playing an old D&D campaign in 2011, and after we finished it I started working on a plan to finish HotOE after 17 years of inactivity!

Since one of the players had kept a very detailed in-character diary, I sort of reconstructed his deranged notes (the PC is currently suffering from indefinite insanity in a sanatorium in Belgrade) in a fancy document, which I gave to the players, and them we continued play from where we paused. Worked like a charm! The diary was used as a link to past adventures, and even a player new to CoC was able to understand the “story” fairly well.

A few weeks ago, we finally finished the adventure. Successfully, I might add. The PCs managed to push back evil for some time, but at a terrible cost:

-7 characters are now insane (indefinitely, but with mental scars reamining for the rest of their lives
-1 character now has POW 1 (after trying magicks man was never meant to use) – he will probably just wither away over time
-1 character dead at the hands of the vampire
-1 character lost an eye
-2 characters were nearly killed last session, but their comrades managed to administer first aid just barely keeping them alive, so they are seriously hurt and hospitalized

This leaves a little hole in my life, since this campaign has been “on” for so long…

I will now retire from GM:ing for a while, and enjoy being a player for once, in the Pathfinder campaign “The Carrion Crown”. Meanwhile, I’ll be working on my next project which will be a Labyrinth Lord campaign in Jack Shear’s “World Between”. Or a Delta Green campaign set in 3 different time frames – 1940s military style; 1960s style in Berlin and 2010 style in the US or Europe.

Decisions, decisions, decisions….


2 thoughts on “Horror on the Orient Express concluded after almost 20 years!

  1. Glad you guys made it I have only played a couple of sessions of HotOE at a gaming club years ago but then started working nights (doh!) but it quickly showed what a fun campaign it was. I might see if I can find my old notes and see about booking a ticket again.


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