This weekend me and my wife tried something new…

I have the bestest wifey in the world! She has been expressing an interest in trying RPG:ing for some time now and I’ve decided that a good game to start with would be Call of Cthulhu, classic 1920’s style.

The rules are simple, character generation fast and the imaginary premises are quite defined: almost everyone can imagine the 1920’s world. It’s very much like our own, only a bit more low-tech.

Luckily enough, this coincided with the fact that one of my regular players recently started a Pathfinder campaign for his wife, son and some other friends. All newbies. As it turned out, the wife is now hooked on RPGs and when I asked them if they’d liked to join they happily accepted.

I ran the classic CoC intro-scenario “The Haunting” (which I have used to introduce all my CoC players with, only under the old name “The Haunted House”).

The game ran smoothly, and I must say that I’m impressed by the way that our wives tackled the problems I threw at them. Much more creative than the “grizzled old rpg veteran”-gang I usually play with!

I’m proud to have brought in some new fans of the hobby 🙂

Next month, I’m going to run a Swords & Wizardry game for my 10-year old son and his 14-years old cousin. I’ve played some BECMI D&D with my son, and the cousin is all into Skyrim at the moment, so I asked if he’d like to try the “real thing”. I think I’ll run B4 “The Lost City” by Tom Moldway. A classic that I actually never have played…


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