New table top RPG blog on the block!

So, here’s the first post in my new pen-and-paper RPG blog. I’ve been reading the current blogs and mining them for ideas, so now I think it’s time to try to give something back to the role-playing community.

My introduction to RPG:s was through Moldway/Cook D&D back in 1982 or something. In those early days I DM:ed Classic D&D and played AD&D and RuneQuest. Then I started playing  AD&D1e until 1989 or so. When 2e came out, we went over to other games like Traveller, 2300AD, GURPS, T2K, CyberPunk and Call of Cthulhu. In 1994 we stopped playing due to life. Education, careers, girlfriends and wives, kids, houses sort of came up big and the time for gaming went away.

Until a few years ago, that is. And the greatest inspiration was blogs and forums like Dragonsfoot. If it weren’t for you guys, I’d never been so persistent with my old gaming buddys. And now we’ve been playing actively for 2 solid years! How cool is that?

This blog will discuss my favourite games, worlds and other stuff I like about gaming! And I would like to state that our games definitely would qualify as Old School Renaissance.

So this blog will mainly discuss OSR style gaming. Be it Classic D&D or any of the clones. Or d100 games like BRP, Call of Cthulhu and RuneQuest.

Stay tuned for…stuff 🙂


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